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When we were learning Xamarin a few years ago, “Xamarin University” was a great resource to learn and understand the fast-growing Xamarin framework (now MAUI). It was the official way of gaining Xamarin Certification and ramping up on a recognized skill. There’s a void that Xamarin University filled, it was a structured path to learn and become a confident Xamarin professional, so we partnered with Luis Pujols to dive into what beginners can do.

A Xamarin University existed?

For 6 years, anyone who was interested in getting into C#-based Native Mobile Development, could simply follow through the well-taught courses on “” for as little…

The popular MVVMCross Nuget Package

Xamarin Native was extremely popular as a cross platform solution, and MVVMCross the most popular framework used with it, primarily due to it’s reliability and robust capabilities. Fortunately, Xamarin Native and MVVMCross both get frequent updates, but most companies don’t regularly update their apps or app frameworks because they didn’t need to. There’s still a ton of apps still out there written with Xamarin Native & MVVMCross, as is evident from the MvvmCross nuget package still getting ~1.5k downloads a day. So I hope this acts as a guide for anyone looking to migrate to the latest frameworks! …

Amazon App Store Submission- Entry page

As Miguel De Icaza teased and then revealed on his Twitter, Windows 11 will allow users to install Android apps through the Amazon App Store. In this article, I will share exactly how and what changes you need to make so that you can publish it there, so users can install those apps on their Windows 11 computers.

Over the years, I read several posts where malicious users were downloading APK files for unowned games and apps from the Android Play store, and just publishing under their account on the Amazon App Store. So apart from maintaining ownership of my…

There have been numerous questions on different forums, of developers asking how to build Xamarin Apps using the terminal/CLI. The primary software/program used for Xamarin cross platform development is Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Visual Studio is classified as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is used to build Xamarin apps. So, it has all the functionality you would need to build, debug and publish apps. This naturally makes Visual Studio bulky & slower than just building using CLI.

For decades now, software developers have preferred the use of lightweight text editors when possible because they are nifty and quick with changes…

In Xamarin Forms, if you bind ViewModel Commands to Page Buttons, all of the logic from the button click action takes place in the ViewModel. The problem is that the ViewModel doesn’t have access to the Xamarin Forms controls, and so it’s difficult to access functions of Views from your ViewModel. Delegates are not commonly used, so I hope this article adds another tool in your arsenal that you can use to solve your coding challenges. Note that Action delegates can be used for all UI frameworks that use C#.

Example use case: Focus on an Entry

Let’s look at a scenario where we have a Password…


Wireless build and debug for Android is a feature mobile developers have been waiting for years, especially since iOS enabled wireless debugging years ago. From Android 11, the process has been simplified and you can finally get rid of wired build and debugging!

There’s a few steps involved, but luckily you just have to do it once per wireless connection, and you’re good across all your apps. If you are already using Android SDK 30, you should be fine. Or else you need to install SDK 30 on your computer .

Android device setup steps to follow, as detailed below

Steps to Wireless Debugging with Xamarin Android

  1. On your Android 11 device, go to your Settings…

While working on the feature development, maintenance & white-labeling with our biggest client, we received an email from Monotype stating that the apps were using their fonts without a license. They didn’t provide details about which app or which font in the 16 apps (8 titles) violated the policy. Until we were brought in, the fleet of apps were designed, created and maintained for 6 years by Microsoft’s leading consulting partner. We found most of the fonts were used without licenses, but that’s alright, no one’s perfect.

Seeing how it’s easily overlooked, we decided to write this article, where we…

iOS Picture In Picture Button Appearing in the top left of the video player


Picture In Picture (PIP) was introduced years ago in iOS 9, but it was only available for iPads. It was brought to iPhones recently in iOS 14, so I wanted to implement it in my app. The iOS 9 documents showed that several steps were involved to implement this, and I was having a hard time integrating that with Xamarin Forms. However, while I was experimenting I realized, Apple made changes to simplify PIP implementation greatly, so those steps are not needed anymore. …

Switch your app icon on iOS now!


App Store showing app compatibility with Apple’s M1 Chip Mac


Apple announced that the new Mac computers with the ARM 64 processor will be able to install compatible iOS & iPad apps. Just like you, I was super curious to know if my apps would be “compatible” too. I tried to search multiple articles and blogs to understand what the requirements are, especially for apps created with cross-platform frameworks, but I couldn’t find anything. Aside from compatibility though, there is a way to “opt-out” through the Apple Developer portal, so your app is not available for Macs. While clicking around, I figured this out and thought I would share.

Here’s how to find out


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