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NFC apps on iOS & Android using Xamarin Forms or Native

Spend $1 on 2 NFC tags to test it out yourself

What are these and how can I use them?

What are all the limitations?

Getting Started

Who will take my Loonies for NFC Tags?

The 3 NFC Tags I ended up purchasing

Is programming these tags really that easy?

4 Android Sample App Screenshots showing the Main page, and the Read, Write & Clear functions

Why does Apple have to go and make things so complicated?

5 iOS Sample App Screenshots showing the sample app behavior for the same functions

How does the app interact with the NFC Tag?

Differences between iOS & Android

The “Ready to Scan” dialog

Background Tag Reading

iPhone behavior on Locked Screen and in background, after detecting an NFC Tag containing a URL

Do I need to enable NFC?

Other Resources

Video showing my iPhone 8 read and writing to an NFC Tags based on this tutorial

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